I’m David Bradbury and I am a programmer.a freelancer.a writer.an engineer.an artist.a son.a brother.

I live near Seattle, Cascadia.

I write about the web and whatever else fits on my personal soap box.


Web Developer

Web Development – This is what I do. I’ve done it since I was making fan sites for the SNES as a kid. That’s 2 decades of study while the web evolved into what it is now.


I have years of professional experience making mobile web applications. This means I can take your idea for almost anything mobile and make you look like a champ.

Graphic Design

That little feather right there means that I do graphic design. Need someone to take you through the design process and help you come out the other end with something you can be proud of? I’m your guy.


Did I mention I also write music? When I wasn’t busy playing games or programming as a kid, I was either in band or writing music. I continued my study into college and offer both writing and production services in a number of styles.

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